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geothermieGeothermal systems

Nature, your source of energy…

Geothermal systems draw natural heat from the ground to heat or cool your home.

Like any other heat pump, a geothermal heat pump transfers heat from one area to another. Your home receives ground heat via heat-transfer fluid (a mixture of antifreeze and water) that links the heat pump to the ground. For summer cooling, the loop is reversed to absorb heat from your home and transfer it to the cooler ground.

Thanks to Puron® refrigerant, Carrier’s GT-PX heat pump provides superior comfort while protecting the environment. It is undeniably the most reliable and most efficient geothermal system on the market.


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Why choose geothermal energy?

Geothermal systems provide homeowners with an array of benefits.


Overall, no other heating and air conditioning system is cheaper to operate. Geothermal systems provide up to 70% savings compared to conventional systems.


Geothermal systems provide uniform temperatures throughout the house year-round, as well as excellent dehumidification in cooling mode.


Geothermal energy is a clean-tech, environmentally friendly and renewable source that reduces your carbon balance today and for future generations.


Geothermal units last longer than ordinary air conditioners and heat pumps. Because they are located inside the house, they operate in ideal, weather-protected conditions.

Quiet operation

Unlike ordinary air conditioners and heat pumps, no outdoor unit is required. Carrier geothermal units are enclosed in a robust, fully insulated cabinet that ensures quiet operation. Quiet, variable speed fans and quiet start-up are standard on many models.


Obtain heating, air conditioning and extra hot water from a single unit. We offer a wide range of models and options to meet most applications.

Free hot water

During operation, free excess heat supplements your water heater’s output.

Clean and safe

No combustion and therefore no residue or dust in the house.

Energy independence

Heating and cooling outputs are not dependent on weather conditions or on the fluctuating cost of energy.


Higher energy efficiency: the COP (coefficient of performance) of a Carrier geothermal heat pump is 4 to 5. Therefore, it can transmit 4 to 5 times more heat than the amount of energy it consumes. As a reference point, the ratio is 1 for a conventional electrical resistance radiator.

puron-logoPuron® refrigerant is an environmentally sound refrigerant designed not to deplete the ozone layer. Carrier systems with Puron refrigerant set the performance standard for eco-friendly heat pumps and air conditioners and place Carrier far ahead of its competitors. In today’s market, Carrier air conditioners and heat pumps using Puron refrigerant have proven their outstanding reliability and reflect our position at the forefront of the industry.

Desmair has all the tools needed for assessing your home and creating a custom system designed for your lifestyle. When you’re making a choice for your family’s comfort, take the best decision: Choose Carrier and trust the rest to Desmair.