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Gas furnaces


As a heating system, a Carrier gas furnace optimally combines comfort and energy efficiency, providing you with savings while giving a boost to the planet.

When buying a gas furnace, carefully check the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratio, which indicates the percentage of energy converted into heat. The higher the coefficient, the greater the efficiency and the more you save.

Keep in mind that gas furnaces should be quiet, easy to maintain and reliable. Desmair offers a full range of gas, oil and electric furnaces at the cutting edge of technology. Whatever your type of fuel or source of power, you’ll find the furnace you need.

In addition, you can add on many options to your furnace such as air conditioner, heat pump, air exchanger, humidifier, air filter and UV lamp. You will vastly improve the quality of the air you breathe in every season.

Want to learn more? Contact Desmair for further information on Carrier gas, oil and electric furnaces.

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Oil furnaces also available

Desmair has all the tools needed for assessing your home and creating a custom system designed for your lifestyle. When you’re making a choice for your family’s comfort, take the best decision: Choose Carrier and trust the rest to Desmair.