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infinityMaintaining your central air conditioners and heat pumps

The heat pump should be regularly inspected, cleaned and serviced. Contact Desmair for service or advice.


Ensure that nothing prevents the circulation of air around the outdoor unit, including grass, leaves, plants or paper. To clean the coil, after shutting off the power supply at the power switch, you may vacuum it or hose it down with plenty of water. The fan motor and control box should be kept as dry as possible. When the coil is clean, empty the condensation tank of all debris that will have accumulated.

Caution: Contact Desmair to install, maintain or repair the coil.

Fan motors

Normally, the fan motor does not need lubrication for several years. If lubrication is necessary, first check if the motor has lubrication vents. Use 10-15 drops or 1/4 teaspoon of SAE detergent-free, electric motor oil, or automotive motor oil ONLY to lubricate the bearings. If you have a combined system, you should do the same for the heater motor.


You should check the efficiency of the filters once a month. Wash clogged reusable filters with detergent or replace them. To install a new filter, make sure the arrow indicating the airflow direction is pointing in the airflow direction on the duct.