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fournaise-gazMaintaining your gas furnace

It is recommended to service your gas furnace once a year, before the start of the heating season. DO NOT SERVICE THE FURNACE YOURSELF. Contact Desmair instead. We will examine all parts carefully for any signs of damage and recommend replacements where necessary.

Remember: Only a certified professional like Desmair has the qualifications to repair or replace furnace parts.

External air filters

Your home air filter will be one of three types: disposable, washable or electronic. Before replacing or cleaning the filter, set your system to the OFF position. Replace the disposable filter as necessary with a new filter of the same dimensions. If you have an electronic air filter, check the manual for maintenance recommendations.

During your inspection, if you notice any cracks or damage caused by water in the drain hose, do not operate the heater. Contact Desmair to make repairs.

Fan maintenance

An inspection of rotors and fan motors will reveal if there is dust on the fan components. The entire fan should be inspected yearly.

Remember, only a certified professional, like Desmair, has the qualifications to perform servicing. The gas supply to the furnace must be shut off before servicing.

Motor lubrication

Gas furnace motors do not require lubrication as they are continuously lubricated.