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5 points to consider before purchasing

1. Efficiency

Performance factors are like kilometres-per-litre of gas, the higher the factor, the more efficient the product.

SEER—Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

This ratio is the measure of an air conditioner’s efficiency during the entire cooling season. To calculate the ratio, divide the total cooling capacity provided over the season (in Btu/h) by the amount of energy consumed by the system (in watt-hours) during this period. SEER is calculated based on an average summer temperature of 28°C. Under new regulations in January 2006, air conditioning products must comply with a minimum of 13 SEER. All Carrier air conditioners attain a minimum of 13 SEER. The Infinity™ 21 Model can attain up to 21 SEER.

AFUE—Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency

Annual fuel efficiency takes into account not only normal interruptions of operation but also the beginning and end of the heating period, because most heaters rarely work long enough to reach a stable temperature for maximum efficiency, especially in warmer weather. This figure is especially useful because it gives a good indication of potential annual savings in heating costs.

The Infinity™ 98 Furnace attains an annual efficiency up to 97.4 % AFUE.

At low heating capacity and continuous fan operation, the Infinity™ 98 Furnace uses the same amount of electricity as a 100-watt bulb.

HSPF—Heating Seasonal Performance Factor

This factor measures the performance of the heat pump during the heating season. The Infinity™ 20 Heat Pump attains a performance efficiency up to 13 HSPF.

2. Capacity

One Btu/h, or “British Thermal Unit per hour” is the unit of measurement of heat output of a heating system. One Btu is approximately the amount of heat given off by a birthday cake candle. If this amount of energy were released in an hour, it would amount to one Btu/h. Cooling capacity is a measure of the maximum speed at which equipment extracts heat from the room to be conditioned. It is expressed in Btu/h or tons and is determined under specific test conditions.

3. The environment and your health

puron-logoMost air conditioning equipment used to use Freon® refrigerant (R22) that causes an increase of greenhouse gases responsible for the climate change that we are experiencing in recent years. This polluting coolant is now prohibited in the production of air conditioners and heat pumps. Carrier was the first in 1996 to introduce a new refrigerant, not harmful to the ozone layer, called Puron® (R410), six years before the competition, thereby paving the way for the future. Puron® refrigerant contains no chlorine and therefore does not harm the Earth’s ozone layer. Combined with technological advances, overall environmental impact is reduced by 60%. In addition to respecting the environment, Puron® products provide high-efficiency energy, with energy savings and greater safety (non-toxic, non-flammable).

4. Sound comfort

A decibel (dB) is a unit of sound measurement. The audible range for humans starts at 10 decibels. Carrier believes that the acoustic comfort of your home is an important priority. That is why our systems are designed to be quiet.

Carrier furnaces include QuieTech™ noise reduction systems, providing comfortable warmth with very low noise. Carrier air conditioners are also quieter thanks to their exclusive SilencerSystem™ that provides ultra-quiet performance by increasing airflow, while reducing vibration. With sound levels as low as 72 dB, Carrier Infinity™ Series air conditioners emit less noise than a refrigerator.


A Carrier product also means solid protection directly from the manufacturer

Your benefits

  • Insurance coverage no matter what happens with your installer. Carrier ensures continuity of your contract within its dealer network.
  • A transferable balance of warranty, without charge, to any subsequent owner of your home.

Before choosing your product, it is important to know who is standing behind your warranty. Your satisfaction is important to Carrier, and has been for over 100 years, another good reason to trust the world leader.

Our air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces (central systems) carry a 10-year parts limited warranty. Details from Desmair.